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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2008|07:30 pm]
NML Rally 2009

So I'm trying to figure out the budget of for the NML rally for me if I go. As far as staying at a hotel, does anyone know what hotel may be the center of the whole rally? If not close by hotels or somewhere in the area we can stay. I dont want to get a hotel in Brooklyn if the rally is going to be in Manhattan.

Also, for any DC/VA/MD rally goers, there is a bus that leaves DC--Chinatown to NY--Chinatown and its about $20 for two people. I tried looking up tickets and prices for July but I guess the schedule isn't open up that far ahead. Its a 4.5 hour drive. Here's the website.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2008|12:41 pm]
NML Rally 2009


I hope to have a real welcome entry soon with a lot more information, but since I'm just on my lunch break at work, this will have to suffice.

Welcome everyone! To associate a listee to an LJ screen name, reply here with who you are and whatever else you want.

I'm pretty easy - I'm Relic, and I'm a coordinator of this thing. I joined the NML in Feb of '01, and have been around on and off ever since. I'm currently finishing up grad school and working, and residing between WA and AR (two guesses as to which one I like better).

Okay, your turn!
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